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Going on a trip to Northwest Russia? Don’t miss the best selfie spots that will brighten up your social network posts. The following locations are the best for taking a selfie in the Silver Necklace of Russia

Embark of a great selfie journey
This summer, signs featuring cameras appeared on pavements in the most popular tourist attractions in Veliky Novgorod. Walk around the city, look for selfie signs and collect unforgettable impressions.
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The most popular selfie spot in Murmansk
Every tourist should take a picture against the backdrop of the world’s first nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin that has covered a distance equal to 30 journeys around the equator. Another photo can be taken against the backdrop of Kola Bay and the seaport, which features a Murmansk sign on its façade.

Selfie with fish in a port town
To visit Murmansk and miss a photo op with fish is like not visiting the place at all. There are numerous sites for fish photos, and one of the most unusual ones is the mural in the city centre. It features bright images of an anchor and a mackerel. Your photo will get hundreds of likes! Do not miss the monument to cod either. The locals believe that if you whisper your wish to a fish, it will come true. Fisherman pet the fish to receive a rich haul. The bronze cod is 1.2 m long and weighs 32 kg, which is the actual size of this fish species.

Zelenogradsk pier is one of the best selfie spots in the Kaliningrad Region
A wooden pier stretches 150 m into the sea. The entrance is adorned with wooden gate; at the far end, there is a viewpoint and a ramp where one can watch people who love to spend time fishing there. The pier features a breath-taking view of the city.

Photo at the top of the Lighthouse Tower in Rybnaya Derevnya
Enjoy a wonderful view of the town’s historic centre. A bronze seagull with a bronze egg at its feet has landed on the top of the lighthouse. Rub the egg and make a wish!

Take a selfie at the top of the belfry in the Pskov Region
The rectangular belfry on Castle Hill in Sebezh is what remains of the ancient Nativity of Christ Cathedral. The belfry is an example of church architecture and has an observation deck for tourists with a spectacular view of the historic streets of Sebezh and surrounding lakes.

Photo walk in the Porkhov park
Topiaries have appeared in the public park in Porkhov, now another interesting location on the map of the Pskov Region.

Selfie against the backdrop of hot springs in Leningrad Region
The Gatchina hot springs in Korpikovo are one of the most amazing places in the Leningrad Region. The hot springs are natural fountains located in the depths of the forest. One can take a selfie with them at any time of the year. There are six such springs in the forest with two-metre-high water jets.

Take a selfie at Smolyanoi Cape in Vyborg
The ideal place for a selfies is against the backdrop of the medieval castle or the Old Town at Smolyanoi Cape. Here there are viewpoints and selfie spots, as well as bike paths and benches. A large wooden moose adorns the embankment.

Spit of Vasilyevsky Island is the top selfie spot
Want to take a selfie at the number one site in St Petersburg? Go to the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. There you can capture a vista of the Hermitage Museum, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Rostral Columns, the waters of the River Neva, with the granite spheres along the embankment and the Palace Bridge, decorated for the holidays. Everyone should take at least one photo from the Spit.

Sevkabel Port – sea selfie in St Petersburg
The public space at Sevkabel Port offers seascapes to suit every taste. Take a selfie against the backdrop of the ocean at sunrise or sunset, or during a storm, or just a shot of the open sea. Visitors can include a cable bridge, vertical benches or graffiti several storeys high in their pictures.

Looking for a selfie spot in the Nenets Autonomous Area? Ask us where
Not far from the city, near the Centre for Arctic Tourism, there is the River Kuya. Its steep banks and enthralling views attract those looking for the perfect selfie spot.
Another good place for a selfie is the bank of the River Pechora in the village of Iskatelei. From this spot, the entire river spreads out before you. Come and watch the gorgeous sunsets of the North.

67th parallel north
One of the most popular selfie spots in the Komi Republic is located north of the Arctic Circle. It is the monument 67th Parallel North in Vorkuta, located at the airport-train station intersection. It is made in the form of a globe with a silver line around it. Every tourist feels it’s their duty to take a selfie there.

Hurry to take a selfie near the old wooden boarding house. An artist painted a nyvka (young woman) on the building wall, using chalk and charcoal to form the letters of the ancient Perm script. The image will disappear in the rain, just as the ancient script did. One can only see nyvka when standing very close to the artwork.

Polar Odysseus sea club
The Polar Odysseus sea club brings together those who love the romance of sea journeys. The museum offers guided tours, tea parties, workshops in tying sailor’s knots, and even a marine-style wedding. Or, visitors can simply take a couple of interesting photos.

Lace bench
Near Kremlin Square and the Lace Museum, there is an art object dedicated to one of the most famous Vologda crafts, a metal bench with lacemaking tools and an unfinished

Monument to the letter O
The Russian letter O is present in the names of all famous Vologda crafts: Vologda butter – maslo, Vologda milk – moloko, and Vologda lace – kruzhevo. In 2012, a monument to the letter O was unveiled in the city to perpetuate the distinctive Vologda accent. It is one of the best-loved places in the city, for both residents and tourists.

Selfie with 500-rouble banknote in Arkhangelsk
On the front of the 500-rouble banknote, there is the sculpture of Peter the Great and the Archangelsk port, and on the back there is a general view of the Solovetsky Monastery. When walking along the Severnaya Dvina embankment in the capital of Pomorye, don’t forget to take a selfie with the first emperor of Russia.

Photo with giant wooden art objects in Pinega area
Tremendous selfie spots in the Arkhangelsk Region include grouses at the entrance to the village of Pinega and an elk with Scythian antlers at the Park Golubino culture and landscape park.

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