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The Old Believers’ farmstead in Lyakova, Krestetsky District, has resumed tours for groups of up to 15 people. Larger groups will be divided into several small groups upon arrival at the farmstead, with each of them treated to the full programme.

The programme includes tasting decoction, playing games, shredding cabbage leaves with a traditional chopper, taking part in the ceremony of seeing off annoying summer visitors, and making a protective harvest charm. Guests will be invited to a lunch of traditional cabbage soup (shchi) with sour cream, pies and herbal tea, plus stories of the traditions and life of the Old Believers.

Cost 600 roubles (100 roubles off for children and pensioners)

The cost may change depending on the number of guests and the dishes they order.

Yelena Nikitina +7 816 595 4492, +7 921 027 9529