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Schoolchildren from the Novgorod Region can submit their videos for the Country of Discoveries National Education and Tourism Contest until 11 April.

The entry deadline for the Country of Discoveries National Education and Tourism Contest is 11 April. Pupils from the Novgorod Region between 15 and 17 years old can submit videos of up to three minutes about their hometown or village. For example, they can show their favourite park, a cultural site, a museum, a street they love, or any other place that tourists should see. The main judging criteria is that viewers want to visit these places to see them with their own eyes.

Participants must upload their videos to their personal accounts on TikTok, use the contest’s hashtag #странаоткрытий (#CountryOfDiscoveries), and tag their city.

“Today, teenagers spend a lot of time online, so holding a contest in this format is a great way to help them connect with history, culture and modern art. On the other hand, tourists love short and flashy videos. Sometimes watching a video once is enough to decide to visit a place. I hope that the submissions from the Novgorod Region will attract more tourists there, while opening up new horizons for our young people,” Novgorod Region Minister of Investment Policy Denis Nosachev said.

Experts, including top travel bloggers, popular TikTokers, film directors and producers, will judge the entries between 12 and 25 April. When evaluating the entries, the judges will look for presentation clarity and information content, as well as quality, innovation and original design.

The contest includes 10 categories: Creative Industries, Urbanism, Technology for Social Sciences, IT and Telecommunications, Transport and Space, Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Environment, Energy, Science Art, and Russia as Seen By Children. The results will be announced before 30 April.

Winners will take part in a mentorship programme with top bloggers, and participate in the City of Discoveries Innovative Education and Tourism Project. They will also get prizes from contest partners and the status of official ambassadors of their region. For more details on the contest and its rules, go to странаоткрытий.рф.

The Country of Discoveries National Education and Tourism Contest is organised by the Moscow Tourism Committee in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation (Rostourism).