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The horse stable of Semenets-Galsky Estate in Khmelyovo, Parfinsky District, will be put up for sale soon as part of the priority regional project Cultural Heritage in Good Hands according to a report by the Novgorod Region Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Property.

The history of the estate is connected with the founders of the German company Siemens & Halske, which laid the first telegraph lines across the globe. In 1861, the company owners acquired Khmelyovo-Gorodok estate and built a porcelain factory there. It produced electrical isolators and decorative tableware from local white clay. The Siemens plant operated until 1914.

The estate built next to the plant bearing the Russian-styled name Semenets -Galsky Estate was celebrated for its splendour. It was located right on the bank of the Lovat River with marble stairs leading from the bank to the two-story stone mansion. There was a park around the mansion and a large stone horse stable which is listed for sale. Following the 1917 Revolution, Khmelyovo-Gorodok estate was nationalised in October 1918 to house a juvenile correctional facility.

Detailed information on the properties for sale under the Cultural Heritage in Good Hands priority regional project is available at the website of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Property

For details call +7 8162 676 652 (ext. 1816, 1823).