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Summer is the best time of year to visit nature reserves, learn about their animals and plants, go hiking, organise a family picnic or take an attractive photo. The tourist information centres of the Silver Necklace of Russia have prepared a list of the best nature gems in the Northwest.

Great Valdai Trail
At 59 km, the Great Valdai is the longest hiking trail in the Northwest. It is a unique place in the Novgorod Region, crisscrossed by various paths, stretching for 200 m to 59 km and featuring centuries-old lakes, trees, rare plant and animal species.

The Sestroretsk Marsh eco-trail is for lovers of pristine nature.
The wooden boardwalk makes it easy to walk around the marshes. Visitors will enjoy pine forests, large lakes and fields that look as if they have come from a painting. The area is home to numerous bird species, wild animals and rare plants.

The Komarovsky Shore eco-trail offers close communion with nature and walks in forests, breathing in pine-scented air.
The wooden eco-trail runs through ancient forests, past cascades of ponds, beside anthills and finally ends on the picturesque shore of the Gulf of Finland. Along the trail, there are benches and information stands about the local plants and animals.

Europe’s oldest larch grove
he ancient larches that reach 40-50 m in height were used by Peter the Great as shipbuilding timber. Tourists can see them in the Lindulovskaya Grove, a unique UNESCO site located in Roshchino, Vyborg District.

Leningrad Maldives
Lake Dontso (Dontso, Volosovsky District) invites tourists to enjoy a local Riviera with white sands. The lake formed in a former quarry. The crystal clear water and chalk bottom give the lake an unusual turquoise colour. The unique site is a good place for a romantic weekend or a photo session.

Beaver’s Path eco-trail
Beavers are the old inhabitants of the Polistovsky Nature Reserve. Visitors to the Beaver’s Path eco-trail can discover how beavers live in the wild and also see the tracks of other animals such as moose, wild boar and bears. All-terrain vehicle transport is provided to get to the trail.

Trekking around Izborsko-Malskaya Valley
The valley has preserved its millennia-old landscape and settlements, traditional peasant villages and estates, as well as archaeological landmarks from various eras. The valley also hosts the 3.5 km Health Trail that features views of the Lake Gorodishchenskoye, the Snake Hollow – a deep ravine with steep slopes and a narrow bottom; the Dry Marsh with rare orchid plants; the Mill Hollow, an element of the landscape that dates back to the preglacial period; a tufa deposit that is 7,000 years old, the Kipun Spring, and many other landmarks.

Walk with an audio guide around Kenozero National Park
The national park offers audio tours along one of the most popular eco-trails in Russia, the Transkenozero Trail. The route connects Kenozero and Lekshmozero lakes and features an amazing variety of natural, historical and cultural local landmarks. The Porzhensky Pogost, an 18th century settlement, is the most outstanding part of the trail.
Waterfall at World’s End

The Batareisky Waterfall on the coast of the Arctic Ocean is one of the most alluring sites in Teriberka. The 20-metre waterfall runs into the Arctic Ocean. It is especially beautiful in the winter with its rocks of pink granite covered in ice.

Nature landmarks of the Kaliningrad Region
Highlights of the Kaliningrad Region include Curonian Spit National Park, Lake Vištytis, Vishtynetsky Nature Park; Sculpture Park on Kant Island; and the Park of Five Senses. Visit Kaliningrad to plunge into the eco atmosphere.

Eco tourism in the Vologda Region
The region has 82 nature monuments and 77 nature reserves, including the Darwin Nature Reserve and Russian North, one of the largest national parks in the country. These protected areas are home to ermines, martens, otters, beavers, wolves, foxes, moose, wild boar and bears. Bird species include Eurasian eagle owls, wood grouses, black grouse, greater spotted eagles, black kites and northern goshawks.

The Ancient Roads of Pustozerye walking path
You will visit the ancient village of Telviska, walk along a pedestrian footpaths created 400 years ago, see a traditional northern house in the village of Ustye and reach a sanctuary that dates back to the 4th-13th centuries and a settlement from the 6th-8th centuries where the mysterious people of pechora lived, and you will learn about the ancient history of Pustozyorsk.

Air express above Northern Urals
The most beautiful and interesting places in the Northern Urals can be seen in just one day. A helicopter tour will cover 400 km, with three stops. Tourists will visit the Manpupuner rock formations, the top of the Mount Otorten and the Dyatlov Pass.

Height 917
Travel to the top of the nameless peak in the Ural Mountains, located on the border between the Komi Republic and the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area. You will see the valley of the Badyashor stream and the River Bolshaya Paipudyna. The Height 917 has a stunning view of the mountains of the Polar Urals and the segment of the path that you will cover during your trip.

From 1 May, the regions of the Northwest launched a bonus programme for those travelling around the Silver Necklace of Russia via the Visit tourist information centres to mark your visit and obtain points that you can later exchange for gifts during your future trips. Grand prizes will be given to the most active travellers in the summer/autumn season.