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On 11 July a Lastochka 721/722 high-speed train will be launched, which will connect St Petersburg with Valdai and Staraya Russa. On weekdays, it will depart from St Petersburg to Valdai with a stop at Bologoye station. On weekends, the train will reach Staraya Russa with a stop in Parfino.

The train will leave Moskovsky Railway Station in St Petersburg at 07:17 am to arrive at Valdai station at 11:53 am (or at Staraya Russa at 2 pm on weekends). A Lastochka going in the opposite direction will depart from Valdai station at 4:42 pm (from Staraya Russa station at 2:40 on weekends), arriving in St. Petersburg at 10:10 pm.

There will be stops at Obukhovo, Kolpino, Tosno, Chudovo, Malaya Vishera, Okulovka, Bologoye, Yedrovo along the way and additional stops at Lychkovo, Knevitsy, Pola, and Parfino on weekends.

Tickets for St Petersburg – Valdai Lastochka trains can be purchased starting from 738.7 roubles, and St Petersburg – Staraya Russa starting from 898.8 roubles. There are special offers for various categories of passengers: for children under 10, the price is reduced by 70 percent, and by 30 percent for passengers under the age of 21 and over 60. You can buy tickets at all long-distance ticket offices, on the official website of Russian Railways and via the Russian Railways Passengers mobile application.

According to the region’s Minister of Transport, Road Facilities and Digital Development Artyom Miron, the new destination will not only improve transport accessibility for people living in the Novgorod Region but also support routes with big tourism potential, which in its turn depends on having direct rail links with St Petersburg.