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Tourism and information centres of Northwest Russia have prepared a selection of the most interesting places and events to visit in the early autumn. Travel to the most picturesque landscapes in 11 Northwest regions. Register with the Northwest to get updates on the region and earn points for prizes!

Learn about how ancient Slavs lived on the picturesque banks of the Msta River

The 10th Century Slavic Village has been carefully restored by archaeologists from the ground up. This unique recreation of an ancient settlement is now open to the public. Visitors can grind grain in a mortar, start a fire with flint and steel, kindle a stove and enjoy the beauty of the Lyubytinsky District.

Searching for amber and birds

Autumn in Kaliningrad and its environs is the best time for recreational and educational tours. The weather is already too cold to swim in the sea, but it’s still pleasant to walk along the shore, breathe in the salty air and sunbathe. It is also the best season for finding pieces of amber on the beach. There is the Curonian Spit where up to one million birds pass by per day during migration season. Many of them stop here to rest and recharge. With all kinds of events at museums and cathedrals, exhibitions and clubs, concerts and theatres, no day will be lost to bad weather.
Kaliningrad Regional Tourist Information Centre

To the Vologda Region for Rubstov’s autumn

On 23 to 26 September, various venues in Vologda will host concerts, exhibitions, meet-and-greet events, meetings, “open mic” events on the street, and literary readings. Totemsky District and Cherepovets will also have arts programmes. Tourist Information Centre of the Vologda Region

Island of Forts Museum and History Park: Feel the sensations of life in a coastal city

Soak in the last sunny days of September and enjoy a walk around this new public space, the Island of Forts. There are playgrounds, a rope park, a skate park, swings right by the water offering panoramic views, and designer shops. This is a perfect place to relax.
St Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau

Best places to visit in the Pskov Region in September

The Pushkin Mountains and the Orekhovno Estate are two must-see destinations in September, as they are some of the most beautiful in the Pskov Region in autumn.
Pskov Region Tourist Information Centre

September in the Leningrad Region

Monrepos Park in Vyborg is a perfect mix of northern wilderness and landscape art. In the autumn, when the park paths are coloured with all shades of gold, the surrounding beauty encourages peaceful contemplation and reflection. If you want to travel back to the Middle Ages in Russia, visit Priozersk and enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the Korela Fortress amid the fall scenery of the Vuoksi River.
Leningrad Region Tourist Information Centre

Golden autumn at the Malye Korely Museum

One of the best places to enjoy the beauty of autumn is the Malye Korely Museum of Wooden Architecture in the Arkhangelsk Region. In September, the museum invites preschoolers and pupils for interactive and thematic tours, “Harvest season in the country” and “What is a forest?”
Arkhangelsk Region Tourist Information Centre in Arkhangelsk

Autumn at the Nenets Local Lore and History Museum

Marvel at the evolution of life from the simplest single cell organisms to highly sophisticated vertebrates in the Nenets Autonomous Region and see local animals and plants, starting with the king of the Arctic, the polar bear, and the dominant species of the tundra, reindeer.
Tourist Information Centre of the Nenets Autonomous Area

Rediscovering the North

The Komi National Gallery is a wonderful place to visit in September. An unprecedented event will be held there on 3 September to 10 October: Rediscovering the North, the first biennale of the Komi Republic, with a focus on the ethnography of peoples living in the region, the life of “northern nomads,” archaeology, the mythology of forest people, the tragic history of the gulag and, of course, works by modern artists inspired by the area’s unspoiled nature. There will be painting, sculpture, film, photography, decorative and applied art, and audio and visual installations. Komi Republic Tourism and Promotion Agency