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On the Day of Slavonic Writing, Veliky Novgorod residents and guests can enjoy fun events, a grammar quiz and the opening of the Museum of Written Language.

A church service will be held at St Sophia Cathedral at 10 am on 24 May. The opening ceremony for the Day of Slavonic Writing will start at noon at the Millennium of Russia monument in the Novgorod Kremlin and flowers will be laid at Cyrill and Methodius sculptures.

The Novgorod Region Universal Research Library will hold a regional spelling test called Scribes. This year it is dedicated to the 200th birthday of prominent Russian writer Nikolai Nekrasov. One can complete the quiz online from 24 to 27 May.

Meanwhile, the Museum of Written Language will start operating in the Likhudov Building of the Novgorod Kremlin from May 25. The exhibition halls will feature about two hundred items from the collection of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve including, among others, an 11th century

Book of Psalms of Old Rus, the 16th century Anonymous Gospel, one of the first printed books in Russia. A part of the exhibition will display birch bark manuscripts of medieval Novgorod. All that will be accompanied with multimedia materials – videos, interactive games, illustrated books coming to life and more.

Visitors to the museum will have a rare chance to see real medieval graffiti on fresco plaster, archaeological artefacts with inscriptions and signs, stone crosses with ciphers and inscriptions, Novgorod church graffiti and much more.