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The project seeks to find new owners for the Novgorod Region’s cultural heritage sites, including by offering them for sale for one rouble while asking the buyer to preserve the site and/or adapt it for new uses.

The sites on offer include

Zhadiny Estate 

(Zhadiny Estate, Borovichsky District)

НIn 1941-1943, this non-residential building served as a hub for forming partisan units to fight in the Great Patriotic War.

(Khvoinoye Hotel grounds, Khvoininsky District)


En Route Palace 

(1a Moskovskaya Street, Yedrovo, Valdaisky District)


A 19th century outbuilding of the Semenets-Golsky Estate, a cultural heritage site 

(Khmelyovo, Parfinsky District)


Manor at the Artsybashev and Konovalov Estate 

(Oblychye, Chudovsky District)


The Cultural Heritage in Good Hands project includes the Novgorod Estate subproject, which consists in finding private investors for cultural heritage sites in a poor state and selling them the title for one rouble in exchange for their commitment to restore and preserve the property.

Under the applicable law, the land plot under these sites is sold at market value as determined by an independent appraiser.

The following estates were included in the project:

Makyshev Estate

(Kostroni, Batetsky District)


19th century resort building (connected buildings) 

(8-9 7 Noyabrya Embankment, Soltsy)


The project also includes dilapidated cultural heritage sites which can be acquired for one rouble.

Ivan Upenek Estate 

(Olgino, Okulovsky District)


Vonlyarlyarsky Estate 

(Berezovik, Okulovsky District)


Yakov Savich Estate, park

(Kayevo, Okulovsky District)


Executive Order by the Governor of the Novgorod Region No. 150 of 18 April 2019 creating a project committee to carry out Cultural Heritage in Good Hands as a priority regional project.

If you have any questions about these or other estates in the Novgorod Region, call +7 8162 676 652 (ext. 1816, 1845)