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Leaders of projects at any stage of maturity are invited to join the Accelerator. Following the training programme, participants will benefit from the guidance of the Agency’s trackers and experts as they pursue their initiatives, as well as find new partners and resources for their implementation.
Submit your applications on the Agency’s official website by 10 October.
Projects on the following topics are accepted to the accelerator programme:

  • High technology
  • Improving the quality of social and other services for citizens
  • Improving quality of life for people with disabilities
  • “Silver” economy
  • Urban and rural development
  • Green economy, ecology and climate
  • Tourism
The Autumn Accelerator will be accepting 200 people selected based on the results of presentations to experts. During the programme, project leaders will learn the finer points of starting a business, consult with experts, and pitch their projects to new partners and investors. There will be a professional tracker working with every project individually to help identify the project’s specific requirements, outline its development trajectory and answer such questions as how to find markets and clients, boost efficiencies in doing business, scale up the project, and find new partners and resources for project implementation. Participation in the accelerator is free. The programme includes several stages:

  • Intensive start (13 to 15 October)
  • Expert session (18 to 22 October)
  • Tracking (25 October to 3 December)
  • Expert support (25 October to 3 December)
  • Preparations for Demo Day (6 to 10 December)
  • Demo Day (13, 14, 15 December)
Projects at any stage of maturity can be accepted for the Accelerator, provided there is a description and feasible business plan corresponding to the Agency’s criteria.
Projects with the best key performance indicators following Accelerator programmes will be able to qualify for further support from the agency in overcoming administrative barriers, scaling and distribution, entering Russian and foreign markets, and much more.
If you already have a project at an advanced stage of realisation, you can still apply for basic support from the Agency. The criteria for selecting and supporting projects can be found on the Agency's website in the section Submit a Project for Support.