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A hotel with 29 comfortable rooms and 11 eco-style cottages.


  • Retro car museum
  • Fishing
  • Eco veranda
  • Spa room
  • Floating sauna, stream sauna, herbal bath, phyto barrel, sauna with a hot tub
  • Billiards
  • Water equipment rental: aquaplane, boats, catamarans and paddle boards
  • Outdoor equipment rental: bicycles, Nordic walking poles
  • Lawn games: archery, darts, etc.
  • Sports equipment: volleyball, badminton, football, etc.
  • Agricultural tourism
  • Stable
  • Tours around Valdai.

The smallholding and homemade products add a special touch to the hotel: homemade cheese, eggs, natural yoghurt, chilled goose meat, duck, turkey...

Dmitry Gourji, entrepreneur and creator of Gourji, an accessory and jewelry brand, started collecting cars out of nostalgia and love for the USSR-era designs. His collection includes all the iconic models of Soviet car production: from the “humpbacked"" Zaporozhets to the luxury soft-pink Chaika.

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