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Located in the centre of the Karst Lakes Nature Sanctuary, in a bright pine forest in the village of Molodilno, the cosy wooden estate near Lake Orekhovoye has all you need for a comfortable stay in the rural Novgorod Region.

  • The estate is located between two large district centres: Borovichi (60 km) and Khvoinaya (30 km), which are connected by a new asphalt road.
  • Guests are welcome in the two-storey wooden cottage with a spacious lobby, banquet hall and cosy rooms.
  • The property also offers cottages with modern amenities with several rooms and open terraces.
  • Guests are invited to visit the Russian sauna with a lounge room.
  • The hotel chef will prepare you a meal using our homegrown products.
  • The property has a farmstead with many farm animals.
  • Guests can rent equipment for hiking, boat rides and water sports, as well as go fishing and hunting on our own hunting grounds.
  • The pine forest with berries and mushrooms has a network of paths along the lakes.
  • We also offer interactive tours and dining at a unique historical site, the only preserved estate of the invincible Russian commander Alexander Suvorov.
  • Guests will meet a famous St Petersburg artist and visit an art gallery located in the two-storey building of the former Suvorov School.

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