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In the small hours of 6 January 1942, the 18th Heavy Howitzer Regiment, which was in the reserve of the Main Command, took up a fighting position near Selishchensky on the Volkhov River to provide artillery support to the 2nd Shock Army. When the Soviet troops penetrated enemy defences on the Myasnoi Bor-Spasskaya Polist line, the regiment turned its fire onto the enemy troops deployed near Lyuban. By the middle of March 1942, the situation of the 2nd Shock Army had deteriorated. Trying to avoid encirclement, the Soviet troops retreated towards Myasnoi Bor. On 21 June 1942, the regiment launched an operation to break out of the encirclement. It was a fierce and bloody battle, but the regiment eventually broke through enemy lines and joined up with other Soviet units. The memorial sign marking the site where the 18th Heavy Howitzer Regiment broke out of the encirclement is located on Chudovo-Myasnoi Bor Motorway 500 metres north of the village of Myasnoi Bor. The monument is a rectangular cement stele on a rectangular cement pedestal, with a metal plaque with the inscription. It was unveiled in 1982.

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