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The memorial sign standing on an artificial hill is a reinforced concrete stele with a triangular top. The memorial honours the servicemen of the 19th Guards Rifle Division of the 2nd Shock Army, Volkhov Front, which was encircled in the Valley of Death from winter to summer 1942.

The inscription made in red on the white cement pedestal at the foot of the hill, where the white bayonet-like stele with a red star and St George’s ribbon stands, reads: “Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.”

The inscriptions on the two white cement blocks at the entrance to the memorial read: “Remember those who saved your life and gave you sun and happiness. Those who fell for our dignity, freedom and homeland will always be with us,” and “To the heroic soldiers of the 19th Guards Rifle Division (former 366th Rifle Division) ,who died defending our socialist homeland (January-June 1942).”

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