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The Vintazhny Shar creative studio produces handmade Christmas decorations from natural glass (full cycle).

The studio’s doors are open to guests all year round.

Everyone is invited to the Christmas decoration studio, where art and traditions unite interested people in a festive and merry atmosphere.

During a tour, guests will learn about a unique craft: the production of glass Christmas decorations. You will see how a glass ball or a figurine of a fairytale character is born from flames.

The glass form comes to life under the artist’s paint brush in the studio, transforming into a beautiful Christmas decoration. Behold a real winter fairytale and an ornament made completely by our glassblowers and painted by artists.

Visitors of the workshop will paint their own decoration, guided by an experienced artist, and take it home as a gift in branded packaging.

You can visit the workshop individually, as part of a group, or in an organised group with a full reservation.

The maximum group size is 30.

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