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STARGOROD, the new cinema hall in our film museum, offers two cinema clubs for those who like a good Soviet film.

Visiting a Fairy Tale is a family cinema club where visitors can watch endearing old Soviet cartoons in high quality and in good company.

Screenings are held on Saturday at 1 pm and 3 pm.

Soviet Screen is a cinema club for those who want to watch their favourite films on the big screen once again, have a discussion (if desired) or learn something interesting. Most films are screened in high quality with excellent sound. You will surely discover something new, something you haven’t seen on a normal TV, in the films you know.

Screenings are held on Saturday at 5 pm.

In addition to this, permanent exhibitions dedicated to the history of cinema are open at the film museum.

Black-and-White Silent Films is an exhibition where you will get immersed in the cinema of the first half of the 20th century. There are rare exhibits, from old magic lanterns to film cameras and projectors. Atmospheric corners of the exhibition will send visitors inside a black-and-white film, or to a colour film set, or to the steps of the old Electro Theatre. You will dive into the avant-garde cinema of the 1920s, visit a front-line cameraman and watch chronicles of Soviet Novgorod.

I Am a Cinema Lover is an exhibition that will help you learn the history of Soviet amateur films. You will peek into the room of a 1960s cinema aficionado and a Soviet cinema shop, as well as spin the editing table and try to film with a real movie camera. The children’s corner will take you back to the days when you were little and played with movie toys or watched filmstrips.

Stars in Kiosks is a display of postcards featuring Soviet actors from the 1930s-1980s. It will remind visitors of their favourite actors and childhood pastimes, when many hurried to a Soyuzpechat kiosk to buy a postcard with their idol for their collections.

Made in the USSR gives a brief history of Russian photo equipment. The exhibition includes dozens of Soviet photo cameras. Visitors can find the one they had in their childhood, as well as recall the entire process of making photos, starting from film and developing to photographic paper and printing.

Moreover, exhibition-goers will see many film posters, books and magazines about cinema, stamps and matchbox labels among other things related to this amazing and magical art, “the most popular of all arts.”

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