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The Sadko folk rock musical is a thrilling legend retold. The new show is a journey into the world of a legendary story told on the streets of a young Novgorod. It depicts the struggle for power, love and betrayal, and the depths of human passions... You have never seen such a great musician as Sadko! The medieval atmosphere, bold and inspiring music, witty lyrics, and sea of fiery special lighting effects will delight the audience.

Over 40 actors, singers and dancers invite you to embark on a journey to find your tune of friendship, love and dreams. The unique scenery and seats for the audience right on the bank of the Volkhov River will create an unforgettable experience of Veliky Novgorod, an ancient city still full of new discoveries.

Three interesting facts about the Sadko folk rock musical

At the very end of April 2020, the second season of the Sadko folk rock musical will kick off. In 2019, thousands of people, both from Veliky Novgorod and tourists, watched the show. Over this time, it got the warmest reviews on social media. However, not everyone knows that:

1. The Sadko folk rock musical brings back the tradition of skomorokh (harlequin) shows that disappeared in Russia for over 600 years.
2. The stage of the Sadko folk rock musical is located at the site of the former Gothic Court trading house, opened by Scandinavian traders at the Novgorod market in 1117, which existed until the era of Ivan III. In fact, the show is held where the real story could have taken place.
3. The cast of the Sadko folk rock musical features a real goat called Mashka.
The show’s composer, lyricist, director and actors all come from trading Veliky Novgorod. The Sadko folk rock musical, based on a Novgorod legend, has become a true Novgorod brand.

Did you know that the entire company of the Sadko show are talented Novgorod-born people?

Please meet the merry people of Veliky Novgorod who took part in the renaissance of street theatre and the creation of the Sadko folk rock musical:

Creator and director: Daniil Donchenko
Choreographer: Lilia Kuzmina
Composer: Alexander Leonov
Lyricist: Dmitry Ivanov Musical director: Olga Kurzina
Sound master: Ivan Prokofyev
Lighting designer: Larisa Dedukh
Costumes: Anastasia Shitova

The show includes:

Vaudeville Musical Theatre (Artistic Director: Olga Kurzina)
Falkor Fire Theatre (Director: Ksenia Sytenko)
TASH Dance and Acrobatic School (Director: Nikolai Gernichenko)
BEAT Dance Centre (Director: Anatoly Smirnov)
Valentine Dance Studio (Director: Valentina Aksyonova) and Academic Choir of the Vasilyev Culture Centre (Director: Yury Nikiforov)

You can purchase tickets at the official website and at the theatre’s ticket offices

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