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Today Yazykovo is an abandoned village in Uglovsky. According to Derevskaya Pyatina cadastres, in the late 15th century, Yazykovo was the property of boyar Oleshka Kvashnin from Moscow, and for over three centuries it belonged to the Kvashnin-Samarin family. In the 19th century, Lieutenant Nikolai Yevstifeyev owned it together with the Rozhdestvenskoye Estate. He rented the rooms of his house to railway engineer Nikolai Miklukho, the head of construction of the new railway, who married Yekaterina Bekker in Moscow in April 1844. On 22 June 1845, the couple had their first child, Sergei, and a year later, Nikolai. Three weeks after the birth of his second son, Nikolai Miklukho got a new appointment in St Peterburg, and the family left Rozhdestvenskoye. In 1950, the estate was destroyed in a fire. The last buildings on the estate and part of the park were destroyed as a result of unproductive land reclamation work carried out in Yazykovo in the 1970s. But the memory of the people who once lived there is kept by a magnificent larch tree, which was not damaged by land reclamation.

In 1986, a stone with a plaque was installed in front of the foundation of the burnt house to mark the 140th birthday of Nikolai Miklukho-Maklai: “Great traveller, scientist and humanist Nikolai Miklukho-Maklai was born here on (17(5). 07. 1846 – 14(2). 04. 1888).” An alley of 150 birches and lindens was planted in the former estate to mark the scientist’s 150th birth anniversary.

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