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Lesnye Tainy is a circular trail around the Bor natural boundary. On this trail, visitors will learn about typical taiga forests on a hilly landscape, the variety of bogs in the depressions between hills, creeks and springs. They will hear legends about the purpose of the bogs, local flora and fauna, and learn about the nutritional and therapeutic qualities of berries. From an observation point, visitors can enjoy a wonderful view of a peat bog, with a forest lodge and warbling creeks shooting right from the ground. You will marvel at the magical Valdai land that was glorified in so many legends and tales. At the end of the trail, you can quench your thirst from the Sokolovskiye Klyuchi spring. It is possible to organise educational and research activities on the trail.

For inquiries, please call +7 81666 28 671 (8 am to 4 pm on weekdays), +7 81666 21 217, +7 981 602 7102

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