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The Big Valdai Trail, with a total length of 59 kilometers, is a recently opened eco-route. It is aimed at experienced hikers, as it lasts five days, and the day's crossing is about 10 kilometers. There are comfortable camps with facilities along the way, where you can stay overnight or take a break. There are bridges across rivers or special wooden planks if the places are quite inaccessible. The navigation system is intuitive and easy to understand.

The highest point of the eco-trail and the whole Novgorod region is a tower of 25 meters on the Ryzhokha mountain.

Tourists and tourist groups planning a trip, hike, excursions, organization of a tourist meeting, competition and other events related to active types of tourism in the Novgorod region in accordance with the Procedure for informing the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia about the routes of travel through inaccessible terrain, water, mountain, speleological and other objects associated with increased risk to life, harm to the health of tourists (excursionists) and their property, should inform in the form of a notification to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.
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