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The Staraya Russa Resort is located 100 km away from Veliky Novgorod. Russian aristocrats visited this historic resort in the 19th century when it was called Staraya Russa Mineral Waters.

First opened in 1828, the resort has been frequented by many famous artists, members of the gentry and the royal family. In those times, doctors sent their patients to ‘take the waters’ to help them overcome melancholy, anemia and nervous strain, to name a few conditions. A leisurely stroll through the park and daily mineral water treatments rejuvenated everyone, from braver hussars to delicate young ladies and children frail from birth.

The resort continued operating in Soviet times. Moreover, its medical foundations were improved and new treatment methods were introduced. At present, the Staraya Russa resort combines the latest equipment and devices with historical traditions of centuries past.

The resort offers effective treatment for metabolic and digestive problems, as well as nervous disorders and pulmonary diseases. Special methods are employed to treat patients for stress, neurosis, sterility and spinal pain.

Staraya Russa muds and mineral waters are particularly effective in the treatment of gastritis, obesity, arthritis, psoriasis and chronic bronchitis. Special procedures help improve skin and hair condition and get rid of cellulite and excess weight.

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