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Comfortable accommodation at wooden cottages on the bank of a picturesque lake surrounded by a pine forest at the heart of the State Nature Reserve. Getting to know natural, historical and cultural landmarks in the Novgorod countryside.

Located in the middle of the Karstovye (Karst) Lakes State Nature Reserve, secluded amid a light pine forest next to a village with the fairy-tale name of Molodilno, this snug wooden estate on the bank of Lake Orekhovoye has every opportunity for making a sojourn in the Novgorod countryside a comfortable pastime:

  • a rapid approach from two major district centres (60 km from Borovichi and 30 km from Khvoynaya) by a new road;
  • a two-storey lakeside wooden cottage with a spacious guest lounge, a reception room, and guest rooms;
  • snug cottages with several rooms that have open terraces and all modern conveniences;
  • a Russian sauna with a spacious and comfortable lounge area;
  • meals from the local chef made with food supplied by the estate’s own farm;
  • own homestead property;
  • numerous and versatile domestic animals;
  • equipment for land and water outings, aquatic sports;
  • angling and hunting in own wildlife reserve;
  • light and airy conifer forests full of berries and mushrooms and crisscrossed by comfortable footpaths, some of them running along lakes;
  • interactive guided tours with a stopover for refreshments at a unique historical locale, the only surviving country estate once owned by Alexander Suvorov, the invincible Russian military commander;
  • we can arrange a meeting with a well-known St Petersburg artist, a visit to the painting gallery located in the two-storey building of the former Suvorov School.
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