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The only three-storied brick building in the WestEuropean Gothic style in Russia built by Russian and Germanarchitects in the 15th century. The walls were decorated with frescoes,frag- ments of which can still be seen in the interior of this amazingly beautiful and sophisticated architecture. Solemnceremonies with the participation of the bishop were held in the upperhall of the chamber.

Downstairs was a «Drinking Cellar». Themost important events took place in this Chamber, such asreception of ambassadors, feasts, sessions of the NovgorodParliament (Council of Seigniors) and the Episcopal Court. This is whereIvan III issued a decree on the annexation of Novgorodlands to Moscow, and for the first time, the state was namedRussia. And this is where the Massacre of Novgorod by Ivan theTerrible took place. Nowadays, these halls are decoratedwith an invaluable collection of jewelry and decorativearts of the 5th-19th centuries, church utensils, iconcasing and liturgical books and other samples of gold andsilver.

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