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Novgorod Printing Yard is located in Veliky Novgorod, in the marketside, on the territory of the historical architectural complex Yaroslav’s Court and the Market, on the ground floor of the 18th Century Merchants’ Row building, a historical and cultural landmark. The arched-roof hall has a well-equipped workshop where you can learn graphic printing techniques and use your sketches to create a monotype, linocut or cooper-plate engravings, enriching them with new expressive means. You will be shown how to correctly sign an etching and how to identify the technique by the print. Also, you can make hand-made paper and draw a sketch on it, work with a reed stylus, bind and decorate a book, learn about ex libris and make an ex libris for your private library.

The Novgorod Printing Yard holds workshops for children, art lovers and professionals: linocut for amateur and professional artists, etching and others.

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