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The museum is located in the Konchansko-Suvorovskoe village, 35 km from Borovichi and 250 km from Veliky Novgorod. Suvorov manor is his only preserved estate. Here the disfavoured com- mander was sent into exile in 1797. From this place, he went to his famous Italian-Swiss campaign, towards worldwide fame, on February 7, 1799. The historical and architectural ensemble tells about the life of the commander, his economic activities and relations with his peasants. Here you will find authentic items from the estate, furniture of the Suvorov era and copies of his things. From May to September you can also visit the summer house of the commander on Mount Dubiha. There is an exhibition in a building of a wooden church, telling us about the history of Konchanskaya Suvorov church, transported to St. Petersburg.

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