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The quiet charm and romance of a provincial town reside in the halls of this Museum with a history of hundred years. It is easy to believe that this is where strange and beautiful characters of the famous writer Gogol lived. Plyushkin of «Dead Souls», for example. The town was visited by historical people, the so-called «valday dachniks» like writer v. S. Soloviev, a leading columnist for the newspaper «The New Times» M. O. Menshikov, a religious writer S. A. Nilus, an artist, archaeologist and philosopher Nicholas Roerich, General Vladimir Kossogovsky. The Museum preserved the memory of craftsmen — masons, carpenters, blacksmiths, soap-makers, cooks, and bell-makers. You can see items belonged once to the Zemstvo, theater, pharmacy, or the town’s school.

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