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The Borovichi Museum is housed in a stone building with a mezzanine of the mid-19th century. The mansion belonged to the merchant of the 1st Guild, Matvei Shulgin, the Deputy of the III State Duma of the Russian Empire. Today you can get acquainted with the centuries-old history of the region. The region is famous for its authentic rapids of the Msta River, which were conquered by Peter the Great, and for the first Russian refractory plant built in 1855 by Nobel. The exhibition represents the unique samples of brick production, the secret of which is now lost. In the front access hall, there are stories told about the noblemen of Borovichi County. The Museum Exposition is equipped with modern gaming and multimedia tools. The visitors will be surprised with the «walk» within the manors in 3D based on old photographs, and the tea made from local herbs according to the merchant traditions.

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