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The museum of a complex profile, whose collections document the history and nature of the Khvoyninsky district. The museum began working on August 25, 1984. Currently, the museum has nine expositions. The exposition «Industry» contains materi- als on the arrival of Dmitry Mendeleyev and Aleksey Kazimirovich Reichel, owner of the plant, at the Koshelevsky plant of young chemistry scientists, photographs of his parents. Particular attention of tourists is attracted by materials on the participants of the Great Patriotic War. The museum stores documentary materials and memories of the life of many veterans. Various exhibitions are always present in the museum: painting, graphics, ceramics, knitting, embroidery, soft toys, carving, painting on wood, models of military equipment, ships and much more. The museum hosts meetings of the residents of the district, master classes, five various clubs.

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