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The exposition of the State Museum of Art Culture of the Novgorod land, located on the territory of the Desyatinny Monastery — an architectural monument of the XIV–XIX centuries in Veliky Novgorod. «Museum of Porcelain» is an exposition — an impression where the history of Novgorod porcelain is interwoven with technology, multimedia «miracles» are combined with author’s installations. The interior of the «Museum of Porcelain» is made in the form of a furnace and allows you to experience the atmosphere of a porcelain factory — baked brick, a feeling of heat and fire, and next to sparkling porcelain products. The exposition combined the brilliant historical past of «Kuznetsovsky» porcelain with the Soviet period — the release of products with cobalt coating, which became a visiting card of the masters of the Novgorod land.

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