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The museum provides an insight into the centuries-long history of the village of Bronnitsa, from the 2nd millennium BC to the present day.

The museum exhibits thell the story of peasant’s everyday life and the revived women’s craft of weaving, with a local workshop where visitors can see a loom and try their hand at working it.

Bronnitsa Land History and Local Lore Museum offers various options suited to your taste:

  • Guided tours
  • Interactive programmes
  • Quests
  • Masterclasses
  • Games

The museum’s central room showcases the unique cobalt dinnerware which was very popular in the Soviet Union. It was made at the famous Vozrozhdeniye plant, now non-operational.

Guided tour on the history of Bronnitsa and Vozrozhdeniye plant

The tour starts at the history hall of the Bronnitsa Land History and Local Lore Museum, where visitors will learn about the history of the village and Bronnitskaya Hill, the Novgorod Region’s most mysterious site. The next hall showcases the history of the Vozrozhdeniye plant, which used to produce the legendary cobalt dinnerware. In another hall, you will learn about the everyday life of local peasants, their habits, customs and holidays, and will have an opportunity to try your hand at working a loom to weave a doormat.

Tour duration: 40 min.

Open: Tours take place during the museum’s opening hours from 9 am to 5 pm

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