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We invite Novgorodians and guests of the city to visit the magical creative studio "Sun on Canvas" in the very center of Veliky Novgorod. Under the guidance of experienced artists-teachers in just one visit you can paint your own picture on canvas with stretcher and hang it on the wall the same day. You can attend any master class according to the schedule, (indicated in our group VK) or come with your company and write what you want.

We provide services:

  • painting and other creative master classes;
  • art birthdays;
  • team-buildings and corporate parties;
  • art bachelorette parties and art dates.

The studio can also be rented for an event or photo project. Also in our space you can buy paintings by Novgorod artists and handmade gifts (available and to order).

Registration in the group messages is obligatory

Discount on the Guest Card is 10%.
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