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Watering Holes of Novgorodian Rus

Tour length: 2.5 km

Number of steps: 4,000

Tour duration: 2 hours

Tasting stops: 4

The route starts at the spot in the Market Side where five pubs used to be located at each crossroad back in the day. Today, you can find out all there is to know about the history of Novgorod’s alcoholic drinks and enjoy a tasting as well.

The tour, which offers four tasting stops, will take you through the five-century history of Novgorod’s pubs and bars.

To start with, you will find out about the drinks that were popular here 500 years ago and ways they were produced, and whether the locals used to go to bars back then. As we walk around major local attractions, we will show you the sites of the city’s most popular drinking holes.

You will also find out about the first time vodka appeared in Veliky Novgorod, and whether it has always been such a strong beverage. Speaking of beverages, we should also mention snacks – but has it always been a tradition to eat snacks with drinks? What did the Church say about drinking, and what was the government’s policy on alcohol consumption throughout history? We will tell you more about the changing drinking culture as well as a lack of it as we walk around the places where orchestras once performed and drinks were poured, the sites of gambling dens and haunts frequented by scoundrels and women of easy virtue, all of this often going on right next to playgrounds and police precincts.

The history of beverage production in Veliky Novgorod will be one of our central theme. We will make short stops along the way where alcoholic drinks will be offered for tasting.

Everyone will have an opportunity to become part of the modern history of Novgorod's bars ;)

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