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The famous Valdai baranki, dry bread rings, make a terrific snack and are traditionally served with tea. Though many have heard of them, but only a few have had a chance to taste them. Now everyone can enjoy this opportunity.

A new rural culinary tourism project, Zimogorsky Yam, has been launched in Valdai to showcase the town’s history and ancient traditions as well as to revive the art of cooking authentic dried bread rings, with one of the project programmes called Valdai Baranki.

You will be warmly welcomed by beautiful Russian women in the best Valdai traditions, have an opportunity to take part in a masterclass where you will learn to make baranki at home, get an insight into the local centuries-old traditions, learn folk dance and games, drink delicious herbal tea with bagels, and master authentic recipes.

You will also get souvenirs from Valdai craftsmen and treats from local chefs.

Register for the Valdai Baranki programme +7 (921) 205-08-40

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