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In 1895, the first school - weaving workshop was opened, and a weaver was invited who had experience of working on a self-spinning machine and an improved weaving mill.

The House of Weaving "MANiFACTURA" was founded in 2019 by Nadezhda Blagova, a sewing technologist and entrepreneur, and Daria Sokolova, creative director and designer.

MANiFACTURA promotes Novgorod weaving among children and adults and revives weaving traditions. All household and interior products are made of modern materials on weaving mills of the late XIX century.

The aim of this project is to maintain the traditions of Novgorod weaving in the modern world and to involve people in the experience of creation.

It is here that unique handmade woven things are born. In the weaving house "MANIFACTURE" you can buy exclusive handmade collections: decor, bags, mats, backpacks and much more.

If you want to join the creation of exclusive things with your own hands, you have such an opportunity. Sign up for a master class and under the guidance of professionals on the ancient weaving mill make an unusual gift with your own hands.

House of Weaving "Manifacture" offers you the following events:

    Excursion "What can grandfather's loom do?" - On it you will learn how traditional methods of Novgorod weaving transform modern materials into bags, interior mats and even paintings by Kazimir Malevich.
    Ecological excursion - the game "New Quality" - You will learn about exclusive methods of recycling j
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