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Pryanets' Gingerbread Workshop is a love for ancient and modern gingerbread, where everyone can touch history and enjoy the fascinating process of creating and painting gingerbread!

During the master class the participants are immersed in the amazing history of gingerbread creation in Russia, learn about gingerbread in ancient Novgorod. And afterwards everyone can feel like a real gingerbread man and enjoy fragrant tea with cookies. There are master classes for the youngest ones on painting simple gingerbread and decorating them with sprinkles. There are also master classes where participants make compositions from parts, connect them and decorate them!

In the workshop you will be immediately welcomed by a gingerbread shop with an incredible variety of different shapes, designs, patterns and flavors of gingerbread! The assortment includes honey-ginger, creamy vanilla gingerbread, covered with multicolored glaze and with hand-drawn patterns and details by our masters, food-printed gingerbread with images of landscapes of Veliky Novgorod, animals and various characters.

Also with special care and attention we make printed gingerbread with fillings according to ancient recipes. We bake such gingerbread on lemon, classic and chocolate dough, adding berry fillings: cranberries, raspberries, apricots, cranberries.
We will be glad to see you in our gingerbread shop!

15% discount on Guest Card for participation in master classes on gingerbread painting and baking.
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