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In the zoo at the Alionushka tourist base in Okulovskiy district you and your children will forget about time and recharge with positive emotions. Currently, there are about 50 birds and animals living here. In the zoo, you can befriend the bear Grisha, meet the tigress Tatyana and her little friend Tyler, hug the camel Gosha, feed the alpacas, and encounter red deer and spotted deer in the forest. And that's not all! 

You can also meet an ostrich, peacocks and storks, a Siberian mountain goat, and a donkey. Come and get your dose of cuteness in the Novgorod Oblast! The entrance ticket costs 500 rubles. Payment is accepted in cash and by transfer to the Sberbank card. In addition, there is a "Farm Shop" at the zoo where you can purchase meat products of own production: eggs from domestic chickens and muscovy ducks, homemade pastries, as well as beverages.
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