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Горная Мста – территория туризма.

Gornaya Msta is a perfect destination for anyone who enjoys active holidays.

We invite you to an amazing corner of the Novgorodian Land, where rapids foam and waterfalls rustle, and ancient churches sit on high banks.

Gornaya Msta offers:

  • rafting and kayaking trips along the Borovichi rapids with an instructor guide, from Opechensky Posad to the U Poroga Beli campsite (or to Borovichi) with a stop at the waterfalls on the Poneryotka underground river in groups from 4 to 100 people
  • multi-day trips
  • Borovichi Rapids and Paleontology of Gornaya Msta museums
  • U Poroga Beli campsite
  • corporate and individual tour programmes
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