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The players are to travel in time to the ancient city of Novgorod. It is the early 13th century. Use the map to build your own path: visit households, workshops and churches, attend the famous assembly known as Veche, sneak a peak at the Novgorod Market, which was famous in the entire Hanseatic League, and cross the Volkhov River along the Great Bridge.

All the players explore the area by laying hexagonal route tiles on the board with 37 parts. Complete various tasks to score points and win the game. Click here to read more about the rules. ссылке.

Learn more about Veliky Novgorod using the QR code on the board.


  • One board with the map of ancient Novgorod

  • 34 route tiles

  • 6 bonus birch bark tiles

  • 12 meeples

  • A coin

  • The rulebook

Duration of the game: 40 mins

2-6 players

Age 14+

Buy online:

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5 reasons to buy The Labyrinths of Ancient Novgorod:

  1. Rich game mechanics: the players see new routes and unexpected turns every time they play.
  2. A game for the entire family. Adults can think on strategies while the kids learn basic planning and forecasting.

  3. A great way to learn something new about the history of Novgorod. We have put together a travel guide to the 13th century Novgorod, which can be downloaded with the QR code.

  4. An excellent gift that will not go unused. With this game, your memories of Veliky Novgorod will never fade.

  5. A great gift for your friends or business partners: original, warm-hearted and memorable, it will stand out from the rest.