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A tour programme with a workshop on designing a Christmas decoration.

The Rozhdestvenskoye Yabloko studio is a magical world of Christmas decorations where artistically painted glass ornaments are created every day.

The studio includes a souvenir shop, where visitors can admire the decorations or pick out a gift for themselves or their loved ones. Everyone who wants to learn more about the history of Christmas decoration design and see the production process can join a tour with a workshop, which will captivate and entertain both children and adults alike.

Glassblowers will demonstrate their skills. You will be able to see how flames transform a glass blank into an ornament, which then gets silvered and varnished. Visitors will sneak a peek into the artists’ workshop, where each decoration is painted with thin brush strokes, giving it its own character. Every guest of the workshop can paint a tiny snowman that will become a unique souvenir from an amazing journey to the world of Christmas decorations.

Duration 1 hour 20 minutes
Ticket cost 500 roubles per person
Book by phone: +7 906 204 9030

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10.08.2022 15:59:18

Наталия К.

Посетили экскурсию "Повесть временных лет", остались очень довольны. Программа насыщенная, интересная, познавательная, не утомительная. Побывали в Великом Новгороде, Старой Руссе, Валдай. Очень доброжелательное отношение и высокая отзывчивость гидов. Спасибо огромное за отдых! 3 дня пролетели на одном дыхании. Вернусь сюда обязательно.

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