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About the locality

The town was established in 1939 by merging four settlements of peat harvesters, Fanerny, Tyosovstroi, Voskhod and Tsentralny, to increase peat production.

In the post-war period, the Tyosovo-Netylsky peat mine was the main employer, where most of the local population worked. Peat was delivered to electric power stations in the Leningrad Region.

Peat mines were connected by the Tyosovskaya narrow gauge railway which quickly fell into disrepair after the collapse of the Soviet Union when peat production decreased greatly. In the 2000s, the railway was partially dismantled: only 20 km of tracks were preserved out of 150.

In 2014, peat factory workers created a museum devoted to the Tyosovskaya narrow gauge railway and even restored a section of it.

The railway can currently be used to get to a memorial to partisans who fought there during the Great Patriotic War.